Car Falls Through Ice On Beaver Dam Lake

(Beaver Dam) Beaver Dam authorities say a vehicle fell through the Beaver Dam Lake near Skunk Island yesterday afternoon. At roughly 4pm the Beaver Dam Fire Department was notified of a car that went through the ice. Fire Chief Alan Mannel tells us Nathan Biel and his dog were assessed at Edgewater park landing and were released. He says that they were at the scene for about an hour and that their hovercraft was instrumental in the rescue. Bill Boettge of the Beaver Dam Lake Improvement Association says the ice is thinning due to pockets of wind and aerators. Aerators create open water that helps maintain the oxygen levels in the water. Last month, two aerators were placed near Skunk Island and two near Axehead Island. Volunteers also roped off large areas to protect people on the ice who are snowmobiling or ice fishing as the aerators create large areas of open water.