Car Crash At BDUSD Middle School Causes Unusual Spike In 2021 Expenditures

(Beaver Dam) The recently adopted Beaver Dam School District budget has an unusual spike in expenditures related that fiery car crash that punched a hole in the middle school last year. The brick structure sustained over $2-million dollars in damage in August of 2019 when a Beaver Dam man drove his car into the building at 90-miles-per-hour during a police chase. Superintendent Mark DiStefano says the budget includes a multi-million-dollar spike in business administration expenditures. DiStefano says the numbers look worse on paper, but the vast majority of the cost was covered by insurance, minus the deductibleIn February, Roy Cortez was sentenced to 32 months in prison and ordered to pay nearly $2.2-million dollars in restitution. The school board adopted the 2020-2021 budget on Monday. The budget was balanced and had a tax rate of $8.99 per thousand of assessed value, a decrease of five cents from the budget adopted last year.