Car Buyer Duped By Phony Madison Dealership

10/14/11 – A car buyer from California lost 63-thousand-dollars by doing business with a fake dealership on the Internet – a dealer which claimed to have a showroom in Madison. The 31-year-old man was planning to buy a Range Rover from a place called Solan Motors. Police said the Web site looked legitimate enough, but the dealer was never at the address it listed – 350 Atlas Avenue. Police spokesman Joel DeSpain said people who live in Madison never heard of Solan Motors – and the California man was let in on that fact when he went to Madison Police after trying to pick up the vehicle. He was buying the Rover for his brother in Cambodia. The victim said he even negotiated with a salesman who sounded totally legitimate on the phone. The buyer was going to drive the vehicle back to California, then ship it overseas. His brother wired 63-thousand dollars to a bank account – and the scammers already withdrew it by the time the buyer came to get his purported vehicle. Police tracked the scammer to Kiev in the Ukraine.