Campbellsport’s Clover Hill Dairy Producing Renewable Natural Gas

(Campbellsport) Clover Hill Dairy in Campbellsport is now producing renewable natural gas (RNG). The Clover Hill RNG processing facility was made possible through partnership between Nacelle and U.S. Grain, a leader in the development and distribution of renewable natural gas. The facility upgrades biogas produced from an existing digester located onsite. Nacelle’s equipment utilizes a variety of technologies to safely upgrade the biogas to RNG, meet pipeline specifications and compress the gas to be transported to an offsite injections point where U.S. Grain will dispense into the transportation market. Farm owner Joe Bonlender says Nacelle has been a strategic partner for them and now they have an additional income stream with plans for the future as well as environmental benefits such as less noise pollution, cleaner air and less order. Nacelle hired locally for the construction and management of daily operations at the Clover Hill facility. The company is also working with U.S. Grain on additional RNG projects in Wisconsin which officials expect to be operational in the next several months creating additional long-term job opportunities.

Photo caption: The new RNG processing facility at Clover Hill Dairy is now operational.