Business Leaders and Economists Wary of Walker Job Creation Claim

6/10/12 – Not all business leaders and economists are buying Governor Scott Walker’s claim that job creation will explode in Wisconsin, now that he survived his recall challenge. Abdol Soofi of U-W Platteville says the Badger State is not immune from the slowness of the national economic recovery. And by providing tax incentives for businesses, Soofi tells the Madison Capital Times that Republicans have adopted “reverse Robin Hood policies” that cut into the middle class’s buying power. Doug Kupczyk of the Ashland Area Development Corporation says businesses will expand only if there’s a new demand for their services-and-products. Kupczyk said the real problem is that people need to make a living wage to buy what people make. Also, Kupczyk said he’s heard no confirmation about recent reports that Walker’s people are still talking to Gogebic Taconite about an iron ore mine near his home community. He said he’s not sure that the whole project hasn’t been dropped. Still, Wisconsin’s largest business and real estate groups say the Walker victory will encourage job growth – because executives won’t have to worry about a sudden change in state leadership and tax policy.