Bulk Pick-Up For Beaver Dam Starts November 1

10/24/11 – Bulk garbage pick-up for Beaver Dam residents begins next week. Director of Facilities David Stoiser has announced that bulk pick-up will begin Tuesday, November 1 and continue through Monday, November 7 for residents who receive city-provided waste collection services from Veolia. Stoiser says the collection regulations are the same as in the past. Bulk waste can be placed on the curb no sooner than 24 hours prior to each collection and by 7am on the day of pick-up. Bulk waste is defined as, but not limited to, furniture, wooden doors and windows and rolled carpet, not exceeding 4’ to 6’ in length. No metal items like bed springs, appliances and pipes will be collected. Also, they do not accept bundled or loose piles of lumber or building materials; those items must be broken down and placed in the weekly collection cart. New state laws also prohibit a variety of electronics from being picked-up including computers, printers, monitors, cell phones and DVD players. The next bulk pick-up will be in May of 2012.