Brother of Steven Avery Facing Charges

1/12/12 – A brother of one of Wisconsin’s most notorious criminals is facing sex-related charges of his own. 41-year-old Earl Avery of Whitelaw is free on a signature bond, after he was charged in Manitowoc County with two felony counts of capturing nude images. Earl Avery is the brother of Steven Avery, who’s serving life in prison for killing Teresa Halbach after he had served 18 years in prison for a rape he didn’t commit. Earl Avery was charged last month. Prosecutors said he put up a video camera in a changing room at his home during a swimming party in July of last

year. Those video-taped were as young as three. Authorities said Avery’s wife called them after she found the videos – and he later admitted his actions to investigators. Earl Avery is scheduled to return to court January 30th to complete his initial appearance.