Brisk walks = Longer life

While staying active is important to your overall health, a new study reveals that moderate exercise every day, like taking a brisk walk, can lower the risk of death as much as 70% in older women.

Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston looked at data from 16,741 women in their early 70s, and tracked their activity levels with accelerometer devices for four years.

The women who engaged in moderate activity regularly enjoyed that major spike in their longevity levels, compared to those who didn’t exercise.

I-Min Lee, first author of the study and associate epidemiologist at the hospital, said in a press release, “For context, non-smokers have about a 50 percent reduction [in death], compared with smokers.”

Lee points out that those who engaged in lighter levels of activity didn’t appear to lower the risk of death the way moderate exercise did for the subjects. That’s not to say that lighter levels of exercise aren’t beneficial, the authors point out, but that wasn’t the focus of the study.