Brazen Credit Card Scam Targets Fox Lake Business

11/20/17 –  Law enforcement is warning local business owners about a brazen credit card scam. The conman dresses professionally with a name badge, enters a business, claims to be with a credit card company and walks right up to the credit card reader. Fox Lake Police Chief Jim Rohr says a local business was recently a target of the scam. Rohr says if someone does arrive unannounced that should be a red flag. He says these occurrences are random and perpetrators tend to target small businesses. Rohr says once access is giving to the card reader the individual will debit their own numbers into the system. In most instances, the amount stolen never exceeds $600 so it does not set off any alarms. He says what makes this scam different is that most hacks are typically from foreign countries while this crime is committed domestically. Business owners are encouraged to contact law enforcement if they suspect someone is scamming them.