Brass Bands To Reign-In Celebrate Waupun

10/5/11 – The city of Waupun is gearing-up for a big three-day festival in 2012. Waupun Festival Steering Committee member Lori Page says Celebrate Waupun is part of a renewed effort to promote the city as an excellent community for both business and family. Early plans call for a carnival, a car show, pet parade, historical reenactments, sculpture and historical home tours and sail boat races. Music will be a big part of the event. In addition to several local bands, Page says they’re booking two renowned brass bands from New Orleans. Local non-profit and service groups are also being invited to raise money for their organizations. Celebrate Waupun will be held the first weekend in June. It will be located in-and-around the Community Center and also in the three city parks connected by the Rock River: Shaler, Holmes and Tanner.