Boy who gave up Disney trip money for Hurricane Dorian evacuees surprised with vacation

GMA(ORLANDO, Fla.) — A 7-year-old who gave up a Disney vacation to feed victims of Hurricane Dorian was recently surprised with a trip to the most magical place on earth.

Jermaine Bell received the gift, paid for by The Walt Disney Co., on Good Morning America after he had helped feed about 100 people.

Jermaine saved up for two years and raised about $100 in hopes he and his family could visit Disney World. Instead, he used the money to buy water, chips and hot dogs for evacuees.

“When people were hungry I wanted them to have something to eat,” Jermaine told GMA.

Jermaine told ABC affiliate WJBF his motto is “live to give.”

With help from his grandmother, Jermaine stood outside in Allendale, S.C., with two hand-crafted signs on opposite ends of a highway to make sure no one missed his cause.

Jermaine said he is excited to visit Disney’s “Animal Kingdom” and see lions since The Lion King is his favorite Disney film.

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