Bow Hunting Season Kicks Off This Weekend

(Dodge County) Diehard Wisconsin hunters will be taking to the woods this weekend for the opening of the bow and crossbow deer season.

DNR Wildlife supervisor Jeff Pritzel says one of the reasons the bow hunt is so popular is that you have to disconnect from the rest of the world and find some quiet by yourself.

Pritzel says there is this sense of heightened awareness, of being connected to the environment and nature because you’re watching and using all your senses.

You will want to make sure that your deer stand is ready to go for the hunt.

Pritzel says to make sure that if you are hunting from an elevated platform that it is still secure and things haven’t changed or it hasn’t been storm damaged or the rope hasn’t rotted.

You also need to make sure that your bow or crossbow is ready to go for the season. Pritzel says people are with a piece of equipment that has some very sharp blades on it and can inflict some damage if mishandled.

You can find out more about the bow hunt and get this year’s full rules and regulations from your local sports shop, or by visiting


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