Both Parties Accused Of Distorting Election Dates

8/4/11 – Both major political parties accuse the other of deceiving voters about the dates of this month’s Wisconsin Senate recall elections. And Government Accountability Board director Kevin Kennedy says voters should be extra cautious about getting the right information. The State Democratic Party asked the U-S Attorney in Milwaukee yesterday to investigate whether the conservative Americans for Prosperity tried to discourage voting by those who didn’t know that the recall elections against six Republican senators are next Tuesday. The group mailed absentee ballot applications, which said their votes would be counted if they’re received at local clerks’ offices by next Thursday. The Democrats accused the conservative group of trying to suppress Democratic votes. But Matt Seaholm of the Americans for Prosperity said the date was a typing error – and it’s not the conspiracy Democrats make it out to be. Seaholm said the August 11th date was meant for the mailings that are connected with the August 16th recall votes against two Democratic senators. The state accountability board has also been asked to investigate. Meanwhile, board officials said the Democratic National Committee promised to stop making

automated calls saying that the recall votes against the G-O-P senators are August 16th instead of next Tuesday. The D-N-C has not commented. Kennedy says voters should rely on their local government clerks to get election dates and deadlines for getting absentee ballots. He says they should not count on the mailings and phone calls from special interest groups. The last day to seek an absentee ballot by mail is tomorrow for the recall votes against the Republican senators, and next Thursday for the elections against the Democratic senators.