Born Weighs In On Time Change Proposal

2/18/17 – Two state lawmakers now say they want to extend Daylight Savings Time year round, and not make standard time permanent. An earlier media report indicated that G-O-P Representatives Michael Schraa and Samantha Kerkman planned to revise their proposal and allow Central Standard Time year-round — and it would have been the same as their original plan to scrap daylight time, which was widely criticized since the proposal was first made public last Friday. Kerkman now says there’s a consensus building to have one extra hour of daylight year-round — and it would help both people and farm animals avoid the stresses of having their lives moved up and back one hour twice each year. Wisconsin would need a federal waiver if it decides it wants to have daylight time year round. We spoke about the proposal with State Representative Mark Born yesterday on WBEV’s Community Comment. The Beaver Dam Republican – who fielded several calls on WBEV in the past promoting the elimination of the time change – says he has received more calls and emails at his office about this topic in the past week than the state budget which was introduced around the same time. Born says there were concerns from the public about the impact it would have on outdoor activities in the late spring, summer and early fall, specifically things like youth athletics. In addition, the recreation and tourism sectors had concerns about waterparks and golf courses losing revenue due to shorter operating hours.  Born says the time change has been in place for a long time probably for a good reason and the drafters of the bill are at a point where they will get feedback letting them know if it worthwhile or if it should just go away. Kerkman says there’s no timetable for introducing the bill — and it might not happen at all this year.