Born Votes For Increasing Public Education Funding, Amended Shared Revenue Bill

(Beaver Dam) State Representative Mark Born recently voted in favor of increasing public education by over $1-billion-dollars. The Beaver Dam Republican also supported school choice programs during action taken by the Joint Finance Committee, which he is co-chair of.

The Committee also took action on an amended version of a shared revenue bill that will increase funding for local governments throughout the state. Highlights of the K-through-12 education plan include increasing funding for public schools by $975 per student over the biennium.

Provides $50-million-dollars for new literacy initiatives. Meets one-third of special education costs, funded with nearly $100-million in new money. As well as increases the low-revenue ceiling for public schools by $1,000 per student. Born says legislators know that educating students is one of the most critical responsibilities of our state and the funds they provided will give teachers the tools they need to help students succeed.

The shared revenue bill is expected to at least increase state aid by 20-percent to all communities. Born says it is another step towards fulfilling the agreement reached between Legislative Republicans and the governor to strengthen core government services like public education, fire and EMS services, public works, and transportation.

Funding increases approved by Joint Finance Committee become part of the legislative budget, which needs to be approved by both houses of the Legislature and signed by the governor to become law.