Born Supports CBD Bill

3/27/17 – State Representative Mark Born says he is hopeful that legislation awaiting the governor’s signature could help kids with some medical problems. Parents of children with numerous seizures could soon be allowed to possess a treatment made from a marijuana extract — if they can get find it. The Wisconsin Assembly voted 98-to-nothing this month to give final legislative approval to a bill allowing possession of cannabidiol, also known as C-B-D oil — but it does not allow for the production and sale of the product within the state. Representative Born told us on WBEV’s Community Comment that the bill is a step in the right direction. The Beaver Dam Republican says that the product is not heavily regulated and is already available in some pharmacies in different products throughout the state. Born says in order to get the bill approved and make the opportunity available for more families this version of the bill was the right way to go. He says hopefully it will work and down the road the can revisit the measure to see if any additional changes need to be made. The Senate okayed the CBD bill last month, and it now goes to Governor Scott Walker who has said he supports it.