Born Says GOP To Unveil Corrections Compensation Plan

(Beaver Dam) State Representative Mark Born says Republicans will unveil their plan to increase wages for those who work in the state’s prison system Tuesday. Some Assembly Republicans are upset Governor Tony Evers gave temporary raises to workers in just six of the state’s prisons. The intention is to improve long-standing staff shortages at the institutions. Nineteen representatives sent a letter to the governor earlier this month saying the raises are not fair, and compensation should be addressed in the next state budget.

Born told us Friday on WBEV’s Community Comment that there should be a permanent solution in place as opposed to what the governor has proposed.  He says correctional officers are trying to transfer to the prison’s that are slated for the pay increases which is creating additional staff shortages.

Born says Republicans are looking at a more comprehensive approach with across-the-board increase to be more competitive in the labor market. He adds that they want to start the pay jump sooner than what Evers. The governor’s plan would see raises of up to five-dollars-an-hour at Columbia, Dodge, Green Bay, Taycheedah and Waupun correctional institutions — plus the Lincoln Hills youth prison. The Beaver Dam Republican says while the GOP has not settled on a number, the $5-dollar figure is not a sustainable option. He says that rate would be difficult to afford. Born says the issues with staffing can be attributed to low wages but is also due to the strong and successful economy right now.