Born Says Foxconn With Have Positive Impact In His District

9/18/17 – State Representative Mark Born calls the Foxconn incentive package a good deal and says Foxconn will not get any money upfront to build in Wisconsin. The Beaver Dam Republican told us Friday on WBEV’s Community Comment that all incentives must be earned. He says a part of the credit will go to building the $10-billion dollar facility and the rest comes from employment numbers. Born says if Foxconn under-delivers on their promise to create 13,000 jobs then they will not see the credits. The employee credit is 17-percent of the wages paid to workers who earn between $30-thousnd to $100-thousand dollars a year. Born says part-time jobs and CEO salaries are exempt from reimbursement. He says with Foxconn’s size, supply chains throughout the state, including Dodge County, will be sending trucks daily to and from the plant with supplies. Born says the plant will also help many engineer majors find good paying jobs in the state as well as bring in college graduates to Wisconsin to start their careers in a high-tech industry.