Born Says Audit Hearing On Elections Highlighted Extremely Concerning Actions

(Madison) The legislature’s Joint Audit Committee heard from Wisconsin’s chief elections officer Tuesday. Audit committee members’ questions of elections administrator Meagan Wolfe were generally respectful. But Republican Representative John Macco excoriated Wolfe and the Wisconsin Elections Commission. He said (quote) “you guys couldn’t get together until December 1st. Well I hope you can all get in here sometime after that it it’s not inconvenient for you.”

Wolfe pointed out that only the chair of the six member, bipartisan commission can schedule a meeting. She said (quote) “I can’t force the commission to meet. I can’t schedule a meeting of the commission, I have no vote on the commission.” Wolfe said she does expect the commissioners to consider all 30 recommendations made in a recent audit, during that December 1st meeting.

State Representative Mark Born says yesterday’s hearing (quote) “highlighted some extremely concerning actions by the Wisconsin Elections Commission.” The Beaver Dam Republican says three of the Democrat members of the Commission refused to participate in interviews with the Legislative Audit Bureau regarding their review and violated Wisconsin statute when creating guidance. Born says this is unacceptable, and adds Wisconsinites deserve transparency, not secrecy when it comes to elections. He says while the governor vetoed previous election reform legislation, he hopes Evers will consider the recommendations of their audit agency to ensure elections are administered consistently and lawfully.


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