Born Optimistic About Budget Progress

7/24/17 – The Wisconsin state budget is still at an impasse as Republican legislators continue to disagree on transportation funding. State Representative Mark Born sits on the state’s Join Finance Committee, which is tasked with budget preparations. The Beaver Dam Republican told us Friday on WBEV’s Community Comment that while progress is being made the process has been slow going. He says there is always a path and those working on the document will find it eventually. Last week, Governor Scott Walker received positive reaction to a plan that would eliminate a proposed $203-million-dollar tax cut in the budget in exchange for a reduction in transportation bonding over the next two years. The intent was to bring opposing opinions on transportation together, which continues to be the budget’s biggest sticking point. Born says the assembly has maintains that there is not enough revenue to support the infrastructure needs of the transportation system. He says while bonding can help road reconstructions that have a 40-to-50 year life cycles, it is important to balance that with revenue to pay for that bonding. While the state budget continues to be hammered out, school districts are waiting to see if a proposed $200 dollar-per pupil increase in state aid will remain intact. Born says that he believes the funding will be included when the final document is adopted.