Born Hopeful About ‘Right To Try’

3/20/17 – State Representative Mark Born is optimistic that new legislation could offer hope to those with dire medical conditions. The Assembly voted 85-13 this month for a “right to try” bill which would give terminally ill patients the chance to use experimental treatments not yet approved by the F-D-A. Born discussed the bill with us Friday on WBEV’s Community Comment. He says the bill ensures that the patients are working within a realistic science to use treatments that are working their way through the FDA approval process. Born says it may be the only hope that some people may have. The Beaver Dam Republican notes that it would not allow people to try just anything as the drugs or treatments would have to be in the process of approval with a predetermined level of studies and trials that would allow the patient the “right to try.” He says the treatment is still regulated to a certain degree and is not just a matter of “anything that a patient and doctor can dream up.” Born say the process of approval takes some time and if there is opportunity for the treatment to work it does not help the terminally ill to wait for approval. He says “right to try” being done in a couple dozen other states and it’s the right thing for Wisconsin. All the no votes came from Democrats whose amendments were not included that would have ensured the drugs were affordable and patients were notified of the side effects. The measure is now up to the state Senate.