Born Elaborates On GOP Transportation Plan

1/23/17 – State Representative Mark Born says everything is still on the table when it comes to transportation funding. The Beaver Dam Republican was our guest on WBEVs Community Comment Friday, the same day GOP leaders in the Assembly unveiled the general framework for infrastructure spending. The proposal would take $300-million dollars in higher taxes and fees for highway construction, while cutting taxes elsewhere using the new $2-billion-dollar budget surplus. He says that he is excited to take part of that surplus and give it back to the taxpayers and then direct the rest to priorities like the transportation fund, among others. Governor Scott Walker had indicated that he will not support increasing taxes or fees to pay for highways unless cuts are made elsewhere in the budget. Born says the offset dollars from the budget surplus would be targeted to “Wisconsin families” in some type of tax cut or tax reform. As far as new revenues, Born says all options are still being discussed. That includes a gas tax and open road tolling, which he says is “still being discussed,” both of which are the type of user fees that everyone pays. Born cautions that the proposal is the broad framework of a plan and the next four months will be spent rolling up sleeves during the budget process deciding where the cuts and offsets will be allocated.