Born Discusses Legislative Matters

7/5/17 – State Representative Mark Born discussed several statewide legislative matters when he was our guest recently on WBEV’s Community Comment. Born, who is a three-term Beaver Dam Republican, commented on a bill passed by the state Assembly that would stop letting those who buy foreclosed houses pass on their costs to the previous owners. He says this was something brought forward by local officials, particularly by the register of deeds, that individuals were not filing their sale. An example would be, if snow was not getting shoveled at the sidewalk by the house a bill would be sent to the previous owner because it was still listed as their house. Born also touched on a bill passed by the Wisconsin Assembly punishing students who disrupt speakers on UW campuses. He says people have every right to share their opinion but you do not have rights to express it a level that oppress others from expressing theirs.