Born Discusses Foxconn Incentives On WBEV

8/21/17 – State Representative Mark Born discussed the Foxconn incentive package with us Friday on WBEV’s Community Comment. The Beaver Dam Republican voted in favor of the $3-billion-dollar incentive plan on Thursday. Born says landing the Foxconn plant is crucial for Wisconsin’s development. He calls it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grow the economy with family-supporting careers and high tech engineering jobs. Born says while the incentive package is costly, it is important in getting the technology giant to build in Wisconsin. He agrees with opponents of the plan in saying that $3-billion dollars in a lot of money but says it is necessary to operate in the mentality of the global economy and to compete with incentives or lose to other states. Born says the positives that the plant could bring to Wisconsin outweigh the negatives. He says of course there is risk with a venture like this but insists that safe guards are in place. Born compares the incentives to what he did with TIF districts while he was on the Beaver Dam City Council. He says there were always concerns that the TIF Districts would not generate enough tax increment to repay what the city had spent on developing the land but (quote) “so far they have been very successful and this is no different.