Born Details Legislative Action On Coronavirus

(Beaver Dam) State Representative Mark Born says there is a bipartisan approach to addressing the coronavirus in Wisconsin. The Beaver Dam Republican was our guest Friday on WBEV’s Community Comment.

“The communication with Governor Evers administration from a legislative perspective is way better than its ever been,” he says, “we’re getting regular updates from the governors office both by phone and by email pretty much every night.”

Born says on the local level, he has been in contact with municipal leaders throughout his district.

“Pretty much all of the mayors have made their declaration of emergency,” he says, “that’s mostly just allowing them to do some things like close parts of their building, makes it easier for them to access federal money in the future if the feds make money available.”

Born says many municipal clerks are experiencing a similar issue with concerns about public traffic with absentee voting.

“That’s certainly a challenge that we have to work through for the next couple weeks but one that is certainly pretty important.”

During a Friday conference call on COVID-19, Governor Tony Evers stressed that he cannot move the date of the election. Evers says his personal opinion is that moving the date does not necessarily address public health concerns as the situation could be worse in May.