Born Clearview Amendment Included In Proposed Budget

6/19/17 – State Representative Mark Born has had a couple budget amendments included in the proposed state budget, including one that has a direct impact in Dodge County. Born told us Friday on WBEV’s Community Comment that he successfully introduced an amendment that, if it stays in the budget, would benefit the Clearview Brain Injury Center in Juneau along with four similar trauma centers in Wisconsin. The trauma center pays a portion of the bed tax like the rest of the nursing home but it does not see the Medicaid money come back to them like the rest of the facility. Born’s motion excludes the trauma center’s and while there is small cost to the state because the state does not get to collect the Medicaid dollars but he says it would have a relatively small impact on the overall budget.  Born says it makes no sense to pay for the bed tax if the trauma center does not get the benefit like other portions of the same facility. He says staff started looking into the matter a few years ago and discovered that California created a similar exemption.