Born Applauds Changes To Youth Hunting Law

11/20/17 – State Representative Mark Born is applauding the governor’s signature on youth hunting legislation that is allowing children to hunt with mentors during the gun deer season. Children of any age can now hunt with an adult guardian. The Beaver Dam Republican says a lot of kids already have the opportunity to learn about firearms by target shooting long before the previous age requirement of 10-years-old and this bill gives parents the opportunity to decide when they are ready. The vote in the Assembly was 57-32 in favor of the measure proposed by New Richmond Republican Rob Stafsholt. Republicans say parents should be the ones to decide when their kids are old enough to handle guns in the woods, but Democrats said it would put innocent nearby hunters in danger. Sun Prairie Democrat Gary Hebl called it “absolute insanity” to give kids a gun at any age to experience hunting. Born says it’s important to understand a few things before rushing to judgement. He says there is no change to the minimum hunting age to hunt by yourself and there is no change to the requirement to take hunter safety. Born notes that 34 other states have the same law in place and there are no statistics from any of those other state’s that say this law resulted in making hunting any less safe.