Born To Appear On WBEV’s Community Comment Friday Afternoon

(Beaver Dam) State Representative Mark Born will be our guest this (Friday) afternoon on WBEV’s Community Comment. During recent appearances, the Beaver Dam Republican has been updating our listeners on a bill he authored that would give protected status to county jailers. Protected status is given to state workers in high-risk professions. The bill would give county jailers benefits similar to state prison workers. That includes the ability to retire earlier and duty disability insurance, which is difficult for those in high-risk jobs to obtain in the open marketplace. Similar bills were held up in the legislature for years. Sticking points include concerns on the county-level with levy limits. Born tells us process is being made. He says recent negotiations with the associations representing the sheriff’s department and counties yielded a comprise. It would give county jailers protected status but they would have to pay the pension contribution difference. If approved, state employees would be able to opt out of the protected status retirement plan in favor of the general program. Community Comment airs weekdays on AM1430 WBEV beginning at 12:35pm.