Bored at home? Color with Offensive Crayons, and help buy protective gear for COVID-19 first responders

Offensive Crayons(NOTE CONTENT) Since everybody’s stuck at home during the COVID-19 crisis, one creative company has found a way to ease your boredom and put face masks and other needed gear in the hands of first responders. 

Offensive Crayons got famous for its decidedly not-for-kids crayon colors like “Suspicious Cold Sore” pink, and “Privilege” — which is white — as well as its Happy Little Dictators coloring books. But now, its founder, Alice Vaughn, tells ABC Audio they’re getting charitable. 

“Even though these are tough times and laughter can’t cure everything, it can help alleviate some of the stress of pain we’re all collectively feeling,” Vaughn explains, noting a portion of their sales will be donated to buying personal protective equipment for those in need. 

What’s more, Vaughn jokes, “If you recite all of our color names while washing your hands, it will not only exceed 20 seconds, but you found a creative way to kill 2.5 hours of boredom. And if you line them all up, you’ll get seven feet: perfect or social distancing.”

Vaughn also says they’re offering a discount, and with the code “ventilator,” you’ll be entered to win a pack of toilet paper.

“Don’t get too excited,” she jokes. “It’s one-ply.”

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