Boating Safety Certificates

(Dodge) With summer weather finally arriving in Wisconsin, people are beginning to look to outdoor activities to fill the warm sunny days, including boating on Wisconsin’s many beautiful waterways.  This month the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind boaters about the importance of Boating Safety Certificates.  In Wisconsin anyone born after January 1st 1989 is required to have a Motorboat Certification to drive a boat.  The certificate must be carried at all times when operating on the water.  In addition, under the current laws, no one under the age of 10 can operate a motorboat, at age 12 youth can operate a motorboat with the supervision of a parent or adult guardian 18 years of age or older who holds a valid certification, or if they possess a Motorboat Certification of their own.  The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind everyone that Boating Safety Certificates not only ensure the safety of you and your passengers, but the safety of others who enjoy boating as well.