Bill Seeks to Toughen Wisconsin Election Laws

(Madison) Republican attempts to toughen Wisconsin’s elections laws have made it out of the state Senate. The Senate bills would address a number of complaints from Republicans from the November elections, including restrictions on absentee voting and voter IDs, and completely banning the use of private funding to help clerks’ offices run elections. It also prohibits clerks from sending out absentee ballot applications unless voters specifically request one and would strictly limit how and where communities are allowed to use ballot drop boxes. Senator John Jagler, who voted in favor of the bills, says too many questions were raised about the election system last fall and it was a top priority to identify and address these issues. The Watertown Republican says securing the ballots as well as absentee ballots and applications is paramount, adding that their use during the pandemic only highlighted the need to tackle this problem. He says the Democracy in the Park events opened so many questions about the integrity of the election process. Governor Tony Evers is unlikely to sign the measures.