Bill Partisan Bill Seeks Marijuana Decriminalization

5/31/17 – A rural Republican joined three urban Democrats in proposing small fines for having small amounts of marijuana. G-O-P Representative Adam Jarchow of Balsam Lake joins Milwaukee Assembly Democrats Evan Goyke and Jonathan Brostoff, and Senate Democrat Fred Risser of Madison as the sponsors of a bill to make Wisconsin the 22nd state to decriminalize small amounts of pot. It calls for fines of 100-dollars for possessing ten grams or less, something that’s now a felony for a second offense. Previous decriminalization efforts have failed, but Jarchow says he’s surprised by how many voters in his northwest Wisconsin district bring it up — even though he realizes it probably won’t pass this session. Jarchow says he wants the public to start thinking about how much tax money it would save, while keeping those who commit minor offenses out of jail.