Big Red Boys Soccer Blows Out Lomira

Wayland Academy 7 Lomira 1


1st Half

W-Osamu Sule, 1st minute

W-Jason Mndolwa from Gian Martinez, 7th minute

W-Emre Kocer from Mustafa Sadat, 21st minute

L-Jaheem Whych, 40th minute

2nd Half

W-Jason Mndolwa from Emre Kocer, 47th minute

W-Jason Mndolwa unassisted, 48th minute

W-Mustafa Sadat unassisted, 51st minute

W-Benjamin Hofmann from Khalil Sadat, 54th minute



Mohammad Mohajeri, 55 minutes, 1 goal against, no saves

Aryan Bhardwarj, 35 minutes, no goals against, 2 saves


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