Big Contract Under Review

1/24/12 – Some lawmakers in South Dakota are grumbling after a Wisconsin company earned a five-million-dollar contract to recruit a-thousand new workers to that state. Governor Dennis Daugaard recently said that Milwaukee’s Manpower Incorporated won a contract to get financial

service and information technology workers to move to South Dakota — along with factory and engineering workers. But two similar firms that in the state, Dakota Staffing and Careers Unlimited, said they were never aware that such a contract went up for bids. And lawmakers say they want more information before giving final approval to the idea. Policy adviser Kim Olson said the governor’s office went beyond the legal process for seeking bids. Olson said the state did not have to publish a request for proposals in newspapers, but it did so anyway in November. Olson said the plan was posted on two Web sites, and 122 vendors who signed up for state contract notifications were alerted.