Berlin Schools Will Change Nickname

10/8/11 – The latest Wisconsin school district that’s been ordered to change its Indian nickname says it will do so – and it will not appeal the state’s order. The Berlin School Board said it was not affected by a recent Waukesha County judge’s ruling which allowed Mukwonago High School to restore its name, the Indians. As a result, Berlin officials say they’ll proceed with finding a new name-and-mascot for the schools’ sports teams, to replace the Indians. The community will be asked for suggestions, and the change is expected to come by next September. Several Wisconsin districts have been ordered to drop their Indian monikers, under a state law approved last year that set up a complaint process for those offended. The Department of Public Instruction orders a change when it finds that a particular name is discriminatory. But in the Waukesha County case, the judge said the D-P-I admitted that it did not have exact standards for schools to prove that their monikers don’t discriminate. The judge also said there was too much room for bias in the process.