Beaverland Mustskis Boats Missing

(Beaver Dam) The Beaverland Must-Skis boats are missing. The group is asking the public’s help in finding the two boats valued at $95,000 that were reported missing as of Monday night. According to a Facebook post, both craft have not been moved by anyone authorized by the group since February 17th and were at their last known location as of March 22. Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt says they are looking for any possible suspects, or any information related to the theft, in the hopes of recovering the boats as quickly as possible. One boat is described as a white 2016 Dyna-Ski with black side panels on a black tandem Phoenix trailer with chrome rims. The second boat stolen is a white 2010 Dyna-Ski with white panes on a black tandem Phoenix trailer with chrome rims. The Must-Skis say the thieves likely used Prospect Road, Highway A, Highway 33 or other roads east of Beaver Dam during the heist. Now that warmer weather is approaching, Schmidt is encouraging boat owners to secure their belongings. He recommends locking the coupler on their trailers and chain it to a fixed object if possible. Schmidt says storing a boat inside is also a good idea. Anyone with information about the theft is asked to contact the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office at 920-386-3726.





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