Beaver Dam Youth Hockey Update

Beaver Dam Youth Hockey Update Weekend Of February 24th to 26th, 2023

Wildfire Girls

Fox River Freeze 5 14U Wildfire 2

-BD Goals: Emersen Damon, Lilian Mansueto

-BD Assists: Addison Mylrea 2

-BD Saves: Dot Baker 39

Wildfire 12U 6 Fox River Freeze 4

-BD Goals: Brenna Rhodes 4, Olivia Bates, Serena Dominguez

-BD Assists: Macy Damon, Brenna Rhodes

-BD Saves: Hailey Lathrop 18

Fox River Freeze 7 Wildfire 12U 4

-BD Goals: Macy Damon 2, Brenna Rhodes, Addisyn Mueller

-BD Assists: Amelia Johnson

-BD Saves: Hailey Lathrop 13

Wildfire 10U 4 Polar Caps 3

-BD Goals: Zoe Ruis, Alanna Hanni(2) Avery Herring

-BD Saves: Ellie Rhodes 5

Ozaukee A 6 Wildfire 10U 4

-BD Goals: Alanna Hanni, Ellie Rhodes, Maggie Loeffelholz, Skyler Mueller, 

-BD Assists: Zoe Ruis

-BD Saves: Shelby Stone 9

-Wildfire 10U girls head to Spooner next weekend for the WAHA Class B State Tournament

-Wildfire 14U girls host the WAHA Class Be State Tournament next weekend

Beaver Dam Boys Youth Hockey

BD 12U Pee Wee’s win home tournament in OT with 5-1 record from the losers bracket

BD 6 Wausau B 3

Goals:  Xavier Wagner-Vargas(2), Isaiah Olds(2), Bradyn Poznanski, George Stone

Assists:  Jaxon Gottfredsen, Kleyten Hartzheim

Saves:  Tyce Moreau(15)

Andover MN 4 BD 3

Goals:  Isaiah Olds(2), Xavier Wagner-Vargas

Assists:  Elliot Olds, Jaxon Gottfredsen

Saves:  Tyce Moreau(36)

BD 6 Wausau B 3

Goals:  Isaiah Olds(4), Xavier Wagner-Vargas, Octavius Johnson

Assists:  Isaiah Olds, Bradyn Poznanski

Saves:  Tyce Moreau(25)

BD 8 Oshkosh A 4

Goals:  Isaiah Olds(5), Jaxon Gottfredsen(3)

Assists:  Elliot Olds, Jaxon Gottfredsen

Saves:  Tyce Moreau(21)

BD 5 Shaw B 4(OT)

Goals:  Isaiah Olds, Bradyn Poznanski(2), Xavier Wagner-Vargas(2)

Assists:  Jaxon Gotfredsen(2), Wyatt Van Patter, Owen Hoekstra

Saves:  Tyce Moreau(15)

Game winner in OT:  Xavier Wagner-Vargas with assist from Owen Hoekstra short handed.

BD 5 Andover MN 4(OT)

Goals:  Isaiah Olds(4), Xavier Wagner-Vargas

Assists:  Jaxon Gottfredsen(2), Elliot Olds

Saves:  Tyce Moreau(28)

Game winner in OT:  Isaiah Olds with assist from Jaxon Gottfredsen.

10U Squirts take 3rd place in home tournament

Kenosha A 7 BD 0

Saves:  Owen Stephens(15)

Waupun 7 BD 0

Saves:  Mathew Raeder(20)

BD 7 Beloit 2

Goals:  Logan Drake(2), Chase Shaw(2), Weston Dehn, Carson Rohde, Alex Poznanski

Assists:  Alex Poznanski, Mathew Raeder, Logan Drake(2), Drew Schaalma

Saves:  James Lathrop(8)

BD 7 Beloit 1

Goals:  Chase Shaw, Logan Drake(3), Levi Moreau, Callahan Armstrong, Carson Rohde

Assists:  Carson Rohde, Logan Drake

Saves:  Owen Stephens(7)

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