Beaver Dam Woman Jailed For Drunk Driving Incidents

(Beaver Dam) A Beaver Dam woman was sentenced Monday to eight months in jail for injuring a toddler while driving intoxicated and for assaulting a deputy during a second drunk driving incident. Amber Stieglitz pled to a reduced misdemeanor count of Operating With A Restricted Controlled Substance with a Minor Passenger for crashing her car while driving under the influence of heroin near Fox Lake in August. The 28-year-old said she was coming home from a birthday party when another motorist swerved into her lane, causing her car to flip over. Investigators at the scene found no evidence to support her claims and an eyewitness said her vehicle just veered off the roadway into the ditch. Her four-year-old daughter, who was not restrained, was transported to Madison with contusions, cuts and a head injury. Stieglitz also pled no contest to felony Battery To Law Enforcement for assaulting a sheriff’s deputy during a drunk driving arrest in October traffic stop. She smelled of alcohol, became belligerent and started mocking them. Her agitation increased as a passenger was taken into custody for an outstanding warrant. Her blood alcohol level was over the legal limit for driving at point-one-one-seven (.117). In addition to eight months in jail, Stieglitz will also lost her license for two years and will spend five years on probation.