Beaver Dam Woman Facing Felony Perjury Charges

12/7/17 – A former Beaver Dam woman who was assaulted by a neighbor is facing felony charges for lying under oath to the court about her restitution claims. Tammy Ring of Sun Prairie was awarded $1400 by a Dodge County judge last year because of lost wages. The 48-year-old testified that she was fired from her waitressing job because of injuries sustained in the attack. Eva Loskot was convicted of misdemeanor Criminal Trespass and Disorderly Conduct after breaking into Rings apartment and punching her multiple times. Loskot was apparently upset that Ring placed a phone call to police that resulted in the arrest of Loskot’s boyfriend.  Rings former employer denied that she was terminated for her injuries and also refuted claims she made to the court about income. Ring’s manager told investigators that the amount of money she claimed to make from tips would only be possible by skimming money from the register, which is the reason the employer gave for Ring’s termination.  Ring, who only worked at the establishment for ten weeks, is also accused of inflating her salary by only providing pay stubs with high dollar amounts. If convicted, the Perjury charge carries a maximum prison sentence of six years. Ring has an initial appearance scheduled later this month.