Beaver Dam Woman Facing Child Neglect Charges

7/11/17 – A Beaver Dam woman is accused of leaving her child in a locked vehicle. Michelle Behrle is facing one count of misdemeanor Child Neglect. She is also charged with misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct in a separate incident involving her live-in boyfriend where she reportedly dumped Pine-Sol on him. In May, Behrle allegedly left her child alone in her vehicle when she went in to shop at Walgreens. A passer-by noticed and clocked the amount of time the 35-year-old was gone, totaling roughly 30 minutes. When police arrived they interviewed Behrle who said she left the car on when she went inside and because of her child’s mentality disability, it is difficult to control him. The car stopped running in the time Behrle was shopping and the officer noted a substantial temperature difference inside the vehicle. If convicted, Behrle faces up to nine months in prison. A jury trial has been scheduled for September 6.