Beaver Dam Woman Enters Plea To Molestation Charges

(Beaver Dam) A Beaver Dam woman accused of assaulting a minor entered a plea of not guilty by reason of mental defect at her sentencing hearing Tuesday. Jennifer Schmidt had a Second Degree Sexual Assault charge as well as a Repeated Sexual Assault charge dismissed but read into the record. The court did find Schmidt guilty on a count of Repeated Sexual Assault but per a doctor’s evaluation found the 50-year-old not guilty by reason of mental defect. That means Schmidt is guilty of committing the crime but cannot appreciate the wrongfulness of her actions and is unable to conform her behavior to the law.  Last May, Beaver Dam police were notified by a parent that their fifteen-year-old son was sexually assaulted. According to the criminal complaint, the victim told police he met Schmidt when they moved nearby and that soon after she  began asking him to (quote) “mess around and have sex.” The fifteen-year-old  said that Schmidt drugged and raped him. He said that Schmidt threatened to kill his sibling’s unborn child. Schmidt at first denied all contact and called the teen a loser but later admitted to her actions. She reportedly said that contact happened around ten times in the month of March and three times in April last year. The court ordered the Department of Health Services to recommend what disciplinary action will be taken which includes commitment to a mental health institute or supervised living arrangements.