Beaver Dam Woman Charged With Assaulting Cop

10/24/17 – A Beaver Dam woman is accused of assaulting a sheriff’s deputy during a drunk driving arrest. Amber Stieglitz is charged with felony Battery to a Law Enforcement Officer for the weekend incident near Juneau. Deputies conducted a traffic stop on Friday and say that the 27-year-old smelled of alcohol, became belligerent and started mocking them. Her agitation allegedly increased as a passenger was taken into custody for an outstanding warrant. Because conducting a field sobriety test along the highway was considered unsafe due to the suspect erratic behavior, Stieglitz transported back to the sheriff office.  A preliminary breath test indicated that her blood alcohol level was over the legal limit for driving at point-one-one-seven (.117). As she was being arrested she allegedly kicked on the arresting officers. If convicted, Stieglitz faces up to six years in prison.