Beaver Dam Winter Parking Enforcement Begins Saturday

(Beaver Dam) Winter parking enforcement will begin this weekend in Beaver Dam. City leaders have declared that the snow removal season is now in effect, triggering Beaver Dam’s street winter parking ban which starts November 4th. Under the ban, no vehicle can be parked on any street right-of-way between 2am and 6am without a valid permit. This is to allow snow removal equipment to remove the snow promptly.

Citations issued for parking violations are $20 if paid within five days and then doubles after that. If the citation is not paid or arrangements made for a court appearance after two letters have been issued to the vehicle owner, a notice is sent to the Department of Transportation.

The owner’s registration is then canceled and any efforts to pre-register the vehicle or any other vehicle including licenses renewal is prohibited. Residents who do not have off-street parking space available may apply to Beaver Dam Police Department for a permit.

Police Lieutenant Matt Riel says the permit sticker needs to be placed on the left side of your vehicles rear bumper.

“It gives you directions on where to put your sticker,” says Riel. “It needs to be in the proper place. Cause the officer is not going to get out to go clear windshields and windows…wherever that sticker may be.”

The permit costs $25 and permit holders are responsible for clearing any snow that accumulates around their vehicle within 24 hours. The parking ban will remain in effect until April 1st, unless it is announced that the ban is lifted temporarily or permanently.