Beaver Dam Will Be Considering A Repeal Of Debt Cap Policy

(Beaver Dam) City officials in Beaver Dam will be considering a repeal of their debt cap policy on Monday. Enacted in 2010 and championed by then-Common Council President Jon Litscher, the policy has limited borrowing in any one year to $1.6-million dollars. If elected officials currently want to exceed the cap, it would take a three-quarter vote of the council for approval. The policy was recently updated for the first time, allowing the $1.6-million dollar cap to be adjusted upwards for inflation each year. That may be a moot point if city officials on Monday decide to scrap the whole thing. The agenda item was requested by Alderman Mick Fischer, who has repeatedly voted against exceeding the cap. His comments came this past Monday as officials rolled out a capital budget with $4-million dollars for street maintenance. Fischer said if the city is going to keep exceeding the cap, there is no reason to have it in place. The city has exceeded the cap in each of the past two years for streets and downtown revitalization. The Beaver Dam Common Council meets at 8pm in City Hall.