Beaver Dam Wastewater Treatment Plant Tour Offered

10/14/11 – Members of the public will have the opportunity to tour the city of Beaver Dam’s new wastewater treatment plant. An Open House later this month will allow the public to go through the cutting-edge facility. The city was awarded $20 million in stimulus money in 2009 to expand their outdated plant and incorporate green technology into the upgrade. The former treatment plant was six years beyond its design life, operating at 140% to 170% of its capacity. Half the $20 million was an outright grant while the other half was a low-interest, tax-free loan. A public-private partnership with Kraft Foods is allowing the city to pre-treat waste from the company and convert it to biogas, benefiting both entities and generating electricity that city is selling back to Alliant Energy at a profit. The project allows Beaver Dam to keep sewer usage fees at among the lowest in the state; $39 for the average resident, compared to the statewide average of $93. The Open House will be held from 10am until 2pm on Saturday, October 22.