Beaver Dam Ward Two Recount Affirms Henriksen Win

(Beaver Dam) A recount in Beaver Dam’s Second Ward has affirmed the results from election night. Incumbent Mary Flaherty lost to challenger Therese Henriksen by three votes last Tuesday. That margin widened to four votes at canvassing Wednesday at City Hall after Henriksen picked up one more vote that had not been counted on election night because the voter made their selection with a check mark instead of by filling in the oval. The final total was 79-83.

Flaherty, who requested the recount, congratulated her opponent yesterday, wishing her good luck in her future endeavors. She noted that there are very few easy votes coming before the common council in coming months and “one needs to be prepared and do the needed research.” Flaherty also said that “it is [her] sincere hope that while addressing Mayor’s Glewen’s downtown redevelopment plan, that the council is mindful of past fiscal responsibility to the voters so that in their efforts to attract white collar workers, working class folks are not taxed out of their homes.”

Henriksen says she is excited about this new opportunity and already has some ideas about what she plans to bring to the table. She has spent the last 15 years as a special education teacher and says she wants to invest in our youth. Henriksen says she sees students who are not engaged and at-risk every day and she wants to instill a sense of community in kids at an early age. She has already been talking to the mayor about bringing a boy and girls club to town. Henriksen will be sworn in at the council’s reorganizational meeting on Tuesday.




Pictured left to right: Director of Administration John Somers, and canvassers Gary Cox and Del Yaroch