Beaver Dam Trap Teams Competes In Weekend Event

The Beaver Dam Trap Team competed in their first SCTP tournament, the Horicon Youth Trap Team Invitational April 8-10, held at the Horicon Rod & Gun Club.  This event is a 100 target competition with the team being divided into 5 different classes:

Rookie-5th grade and under

Intermediate Entry-1st year in middle school

Intermediate Advanced-After 1st year in Intermediate Division

Junior Varsity-1st year in High School

Varsity-After 1st year in High School

Team and individual awards were given.  In the Rookie division the team took 2nd place with a total score of 71, shot by Mitchell Raue(62) and Jaxon Klodowski(9).  Mitchell Raue also won 1st place individual for the Rookie Division.

In the Intermediate Entry division the team took 1st place with a total score of 359.  Top 5 scores for I\E were:

Preston Lund-82

Ashlynn Hanefeld-70

Zach Steele-70

Reese Schuett-70

Kleyten Hartzheim-67

Preston Lund won 3rd place individual in the I\E division.

In the Intermediate Advanced division, the team placed 3rd with a score of 376.  Top 5 scores for I\A were:

Gabe Henriksen-85

Matt Lininger-75

Alex Radichel-74

Oliver Buchda-71

Luke Gartland-71

The JV team placed 4th in their division with a total score of 381.  The top 5 JV scores were:

Ethan Miller-87

Mathias Seufzer-85

Luke Bushey-82

Samantha Radig-64

Caleb Grebel-63

The Varsity team won their division with a total score of 474.  The top 5 Varsity scores were:

Gavin Wright-97

Logan Denman-96

Brandon Walsh-95

Ashley Blatz-93

Gavin Braun-93

Gavin Wright placed 2nd in the Varsity division.  

Gavin Wright(97) placed 3rd among all men’s scores.  Ashley Blatz(93) placed 2nd and Gabby Wright(90) placed 3rd in the ladies division.

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