Beaver Dam Trap Team Competed In The SCTP Wisconsin State Shoot This Past Weekend

The Beaver Dam Trap Team competed in the SCTP Wisconsin State Shoot this weekend. The Junior Varsity Team finished in first place  while Logan Denman was the top scorer in Men’s Junior Varsity. In total over 1,600 athletes competed in the event and there were over 200,000 clay targets thrown.


Junior Varsity Team 1st Place Score-476/500

Logan Denman-99

Gavin Wright-97

Brandon Walsh-96

Declan Reinke-93

Gavin Braun-91


Men’s Junior Varsity Individual 1st Place

Logan Denman-99


Men’s Junior Varsity Doubles 2nd Place

Gavin Wright-88


Men’s Junior Varsity Handicap 2nd Place

Logan Denman-90


Ladies Intermediate\Advanced Doubles 3rd Place

Ashley Blatz-84


Men’s Collegiate 5th Place

Garret Kreul-97


Men’s Collegiate Doubles 3rd Place

Garret Kreul-91


Men’s Collegiate Handicap 1st Place

Garret Kreul-96


Men’s Collegiate High Overall Trap 2nd Place

Garret Kreul 284/300


Ladies Intermediate\Advanced High Overall Trap 3rd Place

Ashley Blatz 237/300