Beaver Dam To Host American Peony Society’s National Convention In 2025

(Beaver Dam) The Wisconsin Arts and Peony Festival in Beaver Dam has only been around a few years, but it has attracted the attention of the American Peony Society. The organization’s national convention will be hosted by Beaver Dam in 2025. Beaver Dam Chamber of Commerce Director Tracy Propst is excited about the opportunity.

“So, we here at the chamber, we put together a proposal of a lot of different venues,” Propst says. “While they’re here, they do a lot of bus tours, and we do a have a lot of different, you know, peony opportunities in our area, but one of the big things that they do is a peony exhibition.”

Propst says over 100 flowers compete and it is open to the public. The chamber director is leaning towards a specific venue to host the competition.

“Finding the right venue for natural light, I’m kind of leaning towards actually having it at the high school, in their common’s area.”

Propst also credits Beaver Dam’s Ovans Peony Farm, the largest stem cut peony farm in the state, for this “massive” event.