Beaver Dam Students Participate In Gun Control Walk Out

(Beaver Dam) School officials in Beaver Dam say 220 middle and high school students joined their counterparts around the country Wednesday by walking out of school in a call for stronger gun laws. Superintendent Mark DiStefano says the walk-out, which lasted approximately 17-minutes, was peaceful, students were respectful and in no way disruptive. A majority of the 70 high school students had their parents call-in to excuse them. A majority of the 150 middle school students were not excused. DiStefano says the penalty for leaving school unexcused is progressive, based on the past record of each individual student. He stressed that any penalty handed down would be related to violating school attendance policy and not for demonstrating. Penalties range from a written warning for first time rule-breakers to detention for habitual offenders. Says DiStefano, you cannot get suspended from school for skipping school.


Students at BDHS Walkout In Support Of Gun Control

Photos courtesy of Michelle Roth